Epic 302
Epic 302

Just Some Dudes In Delaware Making Moves Online

About Us:

We help brands become established in the online market and poise them for success with ecommerce sites, customized marketing funnels, and marketing strategies for new customer acquisition.

Services We Offer:

Marketing Channels

You need Web Traffic. We got your Web Traffic needs right here. We've established exclusive & proven online media sources through a number of different marketing channels. The key things we focus on while developing and launching strategies for traffic are: Profit Management, ROI Duration, and Quality Customer Acquisition. By nailing these things down for you, the rest is cake!

Campaign Management

Some business owners want to be completely hands on and hats off to you if you're one of them. Then there's our clients: The business owners that prefer NOT to re-invent the wheel. Our team has had 15 yrs experience in developing online marketing campaign strategies from already proven and tried methods. Working with us is like getting the 30 extra lives in Contra by hitting up down, up down, a + b + start. Take our word for it, this game is a lot more fun when you're winning out of the gate.

Web Development

Our in-house dev team excels at building websites that are super fresh & current with all the fancy tricks. From Landing Pages, Offer Pages, and Funnel Build-outs, to E-commerce websites like Shopify or other Online Stores. We've got you covered. Contact us for a free consultation.


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